What are people saying about us…

“Working with Broadfoot and Broadfoot has been a fantastic experience: the knowledge and level of expertise of all the people working in the gallery, linked with a human touch, brings everything one might need from an art gallery!”
-Filipe, Madeira, Portugal

“Scott is great. He came to our home, took one look, and brought a group of paintings back for the areas we wanted artwork. While we liked everything he brought, several were absolutely perfect. He really got it just right and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!”
-Irene, Morristown, New Jersey

“At the risk of sounding over the top, our experience with Scott was unparalleled. I know casual superlatives are easy to use in reviews but the service, insight and information that Scott provided deserve sincere praise. The scope and quality of the artwork made it totally unnecessary to search elsewhere. Scott’s insights, perceptions and depth of knowledge enhanced our experience and was made all the more memorable by the level of unexpected service. Scott and Sean actually visited our home on three occasions not just to bring us the framed artwork but to suggest other possibilities but more importantly to make certain we were completely satisfied. Scott is our gallery guy.”
-Arthur and Gail, Clifton, New Jersey

“A very satisfying experience. Unique shows exhibiting unique artists in a friendly and inviting space. Every show has a story – it is well worth spending the time to hear them. Spend an hour and indulge yourself in some of the most unique pieces of art in the city. Also take some time to get to know the owner – well worth another half hour or so,”
-Ivor, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

“I could not be happier with my purchases. I was looking for some artwork in my yard. I knew the effect I wanted to create, but did not know how to achieve it. That is exactly what Broadfoot and Broadfoot was able to do for me. I think Scott and Sean’s special talent is the ability to understand what you want and make it a reality. Plus, they are the nicest people! I highly recommend them.”
-Catherine, Denville, New Jersey

“We first visited Broadfoot and Broadfoot when Scott opened in 1992. Since then, our home includes all he has to offer–paintings, sculpture and ornaments. He seems to know our taste from classic to whimsy, eclectic to serious. His artists are carefully chosen to represent the sensibilities of his clientele and the service is top-notch.”
-Martin and Donna, Boonton Township, New Jersey

“I have been a client of Broadfoot and Broadfoot for more than twenty years. Over the years I’ve purchased both paintings and sculpture, had framing done that transformed and enhanced the appearance of the artwork, and admired the ever-changing assortment of works available in the Broadfoot and Broadfoot galleries. The diversity and newness of Scott Broadfoot’s offerings never fail to excite!”
-Kathy, Morristown, New Jersey

“I appreciate your coming to my home today with the selection of Patti Davis Ganek paintings,
as well as your helping with the placement.
They’re perfect.”
-Judy and Arthur, West Orange, New Jersey

“I was lucky to find Broadfoot and Broadfoot quite by chance in 2009. Of all the artists represented by Scott, it was atmosphere and the colors in the paintings by Robert MaGaw and Todd Doney that immediately caught my imagination. On that first visit, I bought three paintings and Scott freighted them over to Germany for me. Since then, a few more have found their way onto the walls of our home: it is a pleasure to live with them.”
-Marcus, Kelkheim, Germany

“Of all the galleries we visited on our Lower East Side walk, this was most memorable. Beautiful aesthetics and craftsmanship. Kawecki’s sculptures are particularly fine.”
-Elaine, Portland, Maine

“As a repeat client, I am writing to share a few words of a consistently enjoyable experience at Broadfoot & Broadfoot galleries, made personal by the proprietor himself. This is less of a testimonial, and more of a story, like one we all come across from time-to-time. First, is the personality of Scott Broadfoot. Sophistication meets surfer in a congenial meld of someone who, the best I can tell, grew-up in love with two things – art and the salty waves. Scott’s depth of knowledge for all things artistic proves a worthy guide to those of us who, like me, don’t regularly travel the art path. And this same talent, I can only image, provides a well-honed eye for the most ardent of enthusiasts. All this comes accompanied with the unarming charm of the most down to earth, inner surfer in all of us, as put on display by Scott. Make no mistake, the surfer somewhere in Scott’s background makes for great conversation and snippets of his sea ventures, but artistic insight is what he openly shares first and foremost.

Strolling into Scott’s Manhattan gallery one day several years past now, I now realize it was the striking David Antonides framed in the front window that made our entrance something more than random. Although we purchased a compact Robert McGaw that visit, it was the instinctive trust that Scott conjures up, that has brought my wife (the art advocate in our household) and me back to Scott time and again. We did ultimately spring for an Antonides, which Scott framed, stored and I’ll say preserved for us over several months.

Scott manages to always have an array of carefully considered pieces from artists who have provided their best works to him for many years, as well as his selection of new, emerging talent vetted through a surprisingly rigorous process established (or I should say, demanded) personally by Scott. I encourage all interested in either seeing or purchasing art covering a diversity of styles, to drop in on Scott and his staff, for the start of your own story.”
-Bob and Alice, New York City, Florida and Texas

“Broadfoot & Broadfoot: A Collection of Fine Art is an amazing art gallery. For over 20 years, I have seen very talented painters and sculptors display their art there, and I am fortunate enough to own some of these works. However, I would like to convey the sense that Scott Broadfoot’s galleries (in Boonton, NJ and now on the Lower East Side as well) are more than just fine art. It’s greater than that. It’s a fuller experience. Not only speaking for me, but the Gallery’s orientation is to work with the client, to educate and expand his or her knowledge, and to continue to keep the personal value of art alive for that person. This has been my consistent experience as well. Scott used to say “I would like to create a renaissance in the art world,” and I think he successfully continues to do just that. The gallery’s artists AND clients (like myself) are both long-standing ones, but new people are connected as well. So, the fine art is there, the professional and caring services are there, and I can’t recommend more strongly that you experience the beautiful art and the galleries themselves.”
-Kem, Verona, New Jersey

“I have been a client of Scott Broadfoot’s for over 20 years. He has always challenged in a good way my boundaries as far as art and helped me grow. I have a broad array of pieces that his artists have produced over this period of time. Scott is wonderfully patient and knowledgeable and a dealer one can trust.”
-Stephen, Morristown, New Jersey

“Very comfortable gallery with a well curated body of work always on display. I have been to their Booton location multiple times and have always been impressed by the work and the atmosphere.”
-Sean, Robbinsville, New Jersey

“The 155 Project is much nicer, cleaner and better lit than all the other galleries on the Lower East Side.”
-Andrew Gerndt, School of Visual Arts, New York, New York

Speaking of the work of Penny Mann
“I absolutely love this woman.
She is everything I adore in a painter!
These two beautiful oils are absolutely stunning.
She has opened my heart more.
Thank you!”
-Tharita , Santa Monica, California

“Son, you know an awful lot about art and you have a very lovely gallery”.
-Ivan Karp, OK Harris, New York