Natirar’s Curator

Scott A. Broadfoot, Natirar’s Curator

Established in 1905, the 1000+ acre Natirar property was founded by Walter Graeme Ladd and Kate Macy Ladd to be their homestead. Their Mansion was completed in 1912, creating the largest estate in the area.

The estate was named “Natirar” by the Ladds; an anagram for Raritan as the property stretches from what is now Route 206 to across the North Branch of the Raritan River.

Following Mrs. Ladd’s death, Natirar and the Mansion served as a convalescent home until 1983. During that time, the property was sold to King Hassan II of Morocco.

The now 500 acre property is owned by Somerset County. In March 2003, Bob Wojtowicz executed a 99 year lease for the upper 90 acres to create Natirar: The Farm, Cooking School, Mansion, Club and restaurant, Ninety Acres.

Ninety Acres

Natirar is a place of culture and I am so proud to be Natirar’s Curator. This is our current show. It is a wonderful place to dine.

Stunning in the main dining room as one walks in.

Helen Burdon Price, Forrest Shadows, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 70 inches, $25,000

Andrea McKenna preparing her piece to be hung.

Andrea McKenna, In Bloom, limestone plaster over burlap with acrylic and leaf, 96 x 36 inches, $5,500

Andrea McKenna, The Navigator (the artist’s favorite piece), limestone plaster, acrylic, leaf, found metal and reclaimed wood, 52 x 36 inches, $5,500
Robert MaGaw, On the Edge of Spring, oil on canvas, 20 x 24 inches, $3,700
Carlos helping to install the Todd LW Doney’s.
Todd LW Doney, Trees; December 27, 4:55PM, oil on burlap, 16 X 16 inches, $3,500
Todd LW Doney, Trees; April 30, 7:26PM, oil on burlap, 48 x 48 inches $9,000
Todd LW Doney, Swamp; December 2, 7:20AM, oil on burlap, 48 x 48 inches, $9,000

We will be doing a lecture and demonstration of Todd LW Doney’s work in late January.

Ninety Acres is a great place for coctails, culinary delights and culture. Natirar and Broadfoot and Broadfoot. Scott A. Broadfoot