Patti Davis Ganek

Patti Davis Ganek was born in Newark, New Jersey and grew up in nearby Maplewood. Studying art at American University as well as with Ilya Bolotowsky Patti began her painting career in 1980. Abstract paintings are her favorite because they evoke so much emotion from within. She finds them more challenging than landscapes saying “It is easier to paint what I see then what I feel.”

The Broadfoot & Broadfoot gallery has represented Patti Davis Ganek since 2003.

Artists statement

I am totally addicted to creating. It is like a wonderful endorphin releasing drug to me. The more I paint, the happier I am!

Color and line are two very exciting components of painting that I try to concentrate on. Abstraction of my work is the most challenging but definitely reflects my personality. de Kooning, Matisse and Diebenkorn are my favorite artists…..

Many of their pieces render me breathless!

-Patti Davis Ganek

Public Collections

  • Rutgers University Museum
  • Lee Ioccocoa
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Union Carbide
  • Maxwell House
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Saint Barnabas Hospital
  • PSE&G of New Jersey
  • Summit Hotel
  • O’Donnel Davis Inc.
  • Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, Executive Offices
  • South Orange Chamber of Commerce
  • Sealand Corporate Headquarters
  • American Express Corporate Headquarters
  • Champion Mortgage
  • West Orange Town Hall
  • Sterling Drug
  • Squibb Corporation
  • Lever Brothers
  • Mobil
  • Sealy Mattress
  • Shearson Lehman
  • Ryan Beck Company
  • Wakefern Food Corporation
  • Summit Bank
  • Gibralter Securities


“Whether using notes of translucent tissue… or pen and watercolor… She wisely achieves a sense of rhythm and structure through arrangements of free hand blocks and rectangles… She wisely leaves something to the viewers imagination, sometimes silhouetting the trees in white for a stenciled effect” – Eileen Watkins, Star Ledger

“That Davis-Ganek has won many Best-In-Shows, Purchase Awards and, most recently, the prestigious New Jersey Watercolor Society Colorist Company Award, is not difficult to understand. She is unafraid of color, yet uses it to temper thte dramatic with a pantheistic impression that subsides in delicacy at the outer edges. Her vision is bold but feminine, and she creates harmony with nature withina single frame, from moist soil upward to shimmering sky.” -Joseph Gale, Independent Press

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