Ulla Novina

Ulla Novina was born in Sweden and raised in the county of Skane, an area known for its generosity of spirit, boisterous humor, and exuberant expression of life. In later years, Ulla lived in the county of Varmland, Sweden, which is known for its mysterious forests and deep lakes. Varmland is a place of dreamers, storytellers, poets, musicians, painters and sculptors. The spirit of these two counties in Sweden fuels Ulla Novina’s creative self.

The open spirit of the land in America and its adventurous freedom was the anvil needed to bring Ulla’s work forth into its sculptural expression.

Together the stone and Ulla tells a story.

“Stone is star-stuff of the ages. I feel a kinship with stone. I express this awareness by trying to integrate the nature of the stone with my vision of the nature of things.”

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